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The roof is the most important part of your building, and therefore deserves the very best care. Don't Be Roofless are a family-run roofing company based in Torquay, Devon, offering a wide variety of roof services, and other related services, to keep your property in great shape.

South Devon's Local Roofing Company

We offer FREE no-obligation quotes on all of our services, and provide expert advice on all roofing, chimney work, velux windows,fascia, gutters & more!

We are a family roofing business which is establishing itself as a household name in the South Devon area. We provide a comprehensive range of roofing services, from new roofs all the way to simple roof repairs...and more!

List of Services

Below is a list of services that we offer

1.Tile Roofs                                     

Specialising in roof tiling and slating, Don't Be Roofless make sure that all roofs are protected from the elements, throughout Torquay, South Devon, and the surrounding area. We can provide both clay or concrete, as well as the more 'plain' traditional tiles. We also offer roof repairs to your existing Tile Roof.

2. Slate Roofs                                     

Whether you want to complete your home with a man-made slate, or a natural slate, is up to you. We can provide both options and provide expert advice on the best option to suit your home. We offer a wide range of colours, sizes, and textures meaning we definitely have something to suit everybody!

3. Flat Roofs                                     

Don't Be Roofless pride ourselves as being experts in Flat Roofs installations that are built to last. We can offer you a complete new roof or provide repairs/upgrades to your existing roof to ensure the aesthetics of your property remain intact! 

4. Leadwork                                     

Don't Be Roofless appreciates the need for a Lead Roof and the benefits they can bring, due to it being renown for lasting so long and protecting very well against the elements. Lead can also be used for any guttering and flashing!

5. Chimneys                                     

Whether it is a new chimney, or repairs to an existing chimney, Don't Be Roofless have got you covered (literally!)
Chimneys have to withstand an awful beating from the elements, and that doesn't even include the constant heating and cooling of the chimney. This means a chimney has to be done properly to ensure that it it has a long lifetime.

6. Velux Windows 

Want to let more light into your home? or existing windows mouldy or aged? We can offer a full replacement and fitting for all Velux Windows and can even install windows on roofs to make your property brighter!

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